Small Cabinet, 6.7 x 4.6 x 3.4 cm
Akchatau Mine, Kazakhstan
An excellent, radiating cluster of gemmy and lustrous, purple creedite crystals to 1.9 cm on matrix, from the 1980 find at the Aqshatau Mine of Kazakhstan. Creedite is a rare complex aluminum salt. The purple crystals from here are classic and rare, having been found long ago, and are MUCH more rare than similar crystals from Mexico. This has a glassy brightness to it and is a superb small cabinet specimen. There is admittedly some small, trivial damage at the edges but in context this is minimal. It is dramatic and 3-dimensional, more so in person. It is also very much more saturated deep purple than all but the very finest of Mexico material. I buy Every good example of this material that I can get my hands on - which works out to only maybe 1 piece every few years! Joe Budd photos.