Calcite Var. Manganoan
Huanggang Mines, Keshikteng, Ulahad Bnner, Inner Mongolia A.R., China
Cabinet, 13.5 x 10.5 x 10.1 cm
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This specimen is dominated by a huge, slightly undulating manganocalcite crystal, reaching 11.5 cm across. It is lustrous and translucent with a rich pink color, and fluoresces a vibrant reddish orange color. Interestingly, this is a Chinese example, for comparison to the classic orange-red fluorescence of Russian specimens. It is a curvy form which exhibits a different shape but also a different surface texture from all the other specimens in this lot/update. The surface is coated by another generation of sparkly microcrystalline calcite, which gives it an effect like sugar poured over cake.