Baotou League (Baotou Prefecture), Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China
Large Cabinet, 19.5 x 11.7 x 8.0 cm
This is the largest example of intact, fine ilvaite crystals I have yet seen from this relatively new locality. The crystals are doubly-terminated and arrranged like a bowtie stood on one end, on matrix of quartz points! They measure just over 21 cm tip to tip which has to be, so far as I know, a world record beyond other finds and localities. This is a new location, and let us hope these are the hint of things to come from the rich mines of the Inner Mongolia region of China. Certainly for size and richness, these ilvaites have already surpassed previous localities for the species. The question is, what is to come still? I feel safe in saying that, since this was mined in the earlier finds here (late 2009) and has not been surpassed yet with intense activity over the last year, that it was probably a one-off pocket. This is a museum piece. Joe Budd photos