Serifos Island, Kyklades, Aegean Islands, Greece
Small Cabinet, 8.2 x 5.2 x 5.0 cm
Ex. Kay Robertson
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Outstanding Ilvaite specimens have been produced from Serifos Island, which is also famous for Quartz with Hedenbergite as well as Andradites. This hugely impressive, 360-degree small cab features a parallel-growth cluster of brown to black Ilvaite prisms with sharp, chisel terminations and moderate luster. The largest of the crystals is a full 2.9 cm across. This piece reminds me of the columnar jointing at Giant's Causeway in the UK. The subtle contrasts created by the shading and sharp edges is remarkably striking, and this piece is even better in person. Classic and excellent old-time material, but not ugly at all (and most are!). I just love the aesthetics and the quality of this specimen, and it was a surprise in the collection.