Miniature, 4.3 x 3.9 x 3.6 cm
Granite camp (Manhatten Mine), Lodi District, Nye Co., Nevada, USA
Ex. Bill and Carol Smith

This is a solid spherical cluster of creedite from a rare locality, and it is very rich and solid as well. The piece is composed of radiating crystals, quite discrete in person at their terminations. It is complete, 360 degrees, except only the bottom. The piece carries a label for "Manhattan Mine, Granite " from the Bill and Carol Smith collection (they are known for exactitude in labeling). The locality is given on however, only as Granite, without the specific mine name. It was purchased from dealer Cal Greaber, who in turn had obtained it from an old collection. Between the two of them, who have far more knowledge than I on really old esoterica, I fully trust this is American and from an old Nevada locale, although I have not seen comparable. Most US creedites are rather sparse in comparison, with small and flimsy crystals on matrix. This piece, with robust and sharp creedites of a size comparable to Russian or Mexican material, is a unique, and pretty, American creedite specimen!