Kambove, Katanga Copper Crescent, Katanga (Shaba), Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaore)
Small Cabinet, 8.0 x 4.6 x 3.3 cm
Ex. John Ydren
SHARP, intensely colorful crystals to about 3 mm cover this matrix plate and make for a very attractive and significant example of the species for this locale. Although you get larger libethenite from other places, the luster and sharpness of these crystals is, for me, among the top for the species. They look like little green metallic octohedra at first glance. From the John Ydren collection, purchased for $125 in 1972 (a lot of money for those days!). Again, while you can get bigger crystals, this to me has more flash and color appeal than most, and overall is a superb example of the species. NOTE THIS SPECIMEN IS FEATURED In THE OCTOBER 2010 ISSUE OF LAPIS, PAGE 9, ON THE COLUMN ABOUT "STECKBRIEF: LIBETHENITE"