Zoisite (Var: Tanzanite)
Miniature, 3.6 x 1.0 x 0.9 cm
Merelani Hills (Mererani), Lelatema Mts, Arusha Region, Tanzania
This strongly dichroic tanzanite crystal is 47 carats (about 9.5 grams). It looks blue from one side, purple from the other - rotating 90 degrees to change colors. Of course, this is a product of heat treating to enhance this dichroism (commonly done for this material at the source), but this is considered acceptable in tanzanite crystals because of the obvious and interesting result. It has the obviously desirable qualities of intense color (and color change), great luster, sharp equant form, a superb termination, and excellent gemminess in particular atop. In person, the purple comes through much better than in photos.