Sodalite (Var: Hackmanite), Winchite
Kiran, Koksha Valley (Kokscha; Kokcha), Badakhshan (Badakshan; Badahsan) Province, Afghanistan
Miniature, 3.8 x 3.4 x 3.2 cm
These Sodalite (var: Hackmanite) specimens have provided collectors with some amazing pieces featuring some of the largest, sharpest and most colorful crystals ever seen. The colors of the Afghani Hackmanites ranges from blue to purple to pink and they show an amazing rich red fluorescence under longwave UV light. This specimen features some of the richest purplish pink color Hackmanite crystals I've seen from this locality, and though they are a bit crude, they are rather lustrous in places, and very good size for the species. To top it off, the specimen is associated with some very pale yellow Winchite crystals, which is not seen in many specimens from this locality. A very colorful and attractive overall specimen of this material which has not appeared on the market for a few years now in any significance.