Calcite, Apophyllite-(Kf), Stilbite-Ca
Jalgaon District, Maharashtra, India
Cabinet, 9.8 x 7.2 x 7.0 cm
A truly exceptional combination piece with one of the finest Indian Calcites I have seen, lustrous Stilbites, and a nice green Fluorapophyllite. The centerpiece Calcite is a stunning 7.8 cm on the front edge, with superb luster and excellent gemminess. The front edge is also the main twinning plane. What makes the Calcite itself even more exceptional are the two wings, which appear to be twins of the very rare {0221} twinning law. Each occurs on opposing ends of the main twinning plane. The Stilbites are primarily bowties up to 3 cm with incredible luster, and the Fluorapophyllite is a combination of 2 cm green bladed crystals. Ex. Charlie Key Collection.