Sulfur on Aragonite
Girgenti, Sicily, Italy
Large Cabinet, 17.8 x 13.7 x 6.0 cm
Ex. Andrew Carnegie
A very colorful and showy plate of bright lemon-yellow sulfur crystals, on matrix! Though there is some damage here and there, it is minor in context and does not detract much at all. The piece looks good from EITHER side, depending on personal tastes! For some reason his number on the specimen is blacked over, on the actual piece, so we had to guess at the real catalogue number. We think this is because it was erroneously labeled as #105 "Nicholsonite on Aragonite from Tsumeb" at one time (this number survives under the second coat of black paint on which he wrote his numbers on many pieces) and was perhaps recatalogued under another number that came off in the cleaning. Regardless, it is prominently seen in the photo of the lefthand case, in the middle of the second shelf up. You can see which side Carnegie liked!