Babingtonite, Prehnite
Khandivali Quarry (Kandivali Quarry), Mumbai District (Bombay District), Maharashtra, India
Small Cabinet, 7.0 x 4.5 x 3.8 cm
A RARE and EXCELLENT combination specimen from the famous Khandivali Quarry near Bombay, India. Two, super sharp and lustrous, black crystal clusters to 8 mm of babingtonite are aesthetically set on basalt matrix covered with a 1.7 cm, translucent, sea-green, botryoidal prehnite on the left side and quartz and laumontite. Babingtonite is an UNCOMMON silicate from the Bombay area quarries and this is a superb example. The Bombay area quarries are closed, due to population growth. This super, 1970s piece has an outstanding provenance: well-known dealer Rusty Kothavala to Harvard University, exchanged out to Phil Scalisi to the George Feist Collection.