Apophyllite-(Kf), Prehnite
Millington Quarry (Morris County Crushed Stone Co. Quarry; Tilcon Quarry), Bernards Township, Somerset Co., New Jersey, USA
Small Cabinet, 8.5 x 7.5 x 5.5 cm
The now closed Millington Quarry is over 100 years old (it opened in 1895). Starting in the late 1970's the quarry reopened and started producing a large number of some of the most interesting and beloved specimens from this incredible Trap Rock quarry. This is one of the most famous Trap Rock quarries in New Jersey. This piece features a very attractive tabular crystal group of lustrous, pale green to colorless Apophyllite associated with a few Prehnite spheres (one of which has the classic "Spanish Helmet" habit; see second close-up photo) on matrix. Now that the mineralized zone at Millington is finished, you will not see any more of these beautiful specimens on the market anymore. A great Trap Rock specimen from this significant New Jersey locality.