How to Display Rocks and Minerals

Sep 23, 2016

So, you’ve spent some time gathering your collection – and now your drawers, boxes, and cases are full of brilliant specimens. But what good is your collection if you have no way to show it off?

From sales layouts to museum-quality showcases, there are many ways to display rocks and minerals – and choosing the best approach for highlighting your favorite specimens can be complex. So many factors come into play – lighting, setting, angle of display, and the materials used can all affect the viewer’s perspective and highlight or diminish the features of your collection.

Custom engraved bases by The Arkenstone,, are one of the most important ways to boost the display beauty of your fine minerals.

Fine minerals not only benefit from well-lit cases. Having the appropriate bases can help orient your specimens well, and they are much safer!

At iRocks, we’ve put a lot of thought into the question of how best to display rocks and minerals. After many years of preparing specimens for show, we’ve discovered the element of display which is most often overlooked – the base.

The base or specimen stand is the setting upon which we display rocks and minerals. Though some pieces may look fine set on a simple shelf or cloth, most showcase specimens look their best with a base, as use of one allows more careful positioning. This means it is easier to show off each piece’s most attractive side, and features.

The specimen base should be, above all else, unobtrusive – as a showy stand will distract viewers, and detract from the beauty of your specimen. Stick to a design which is simple, elegant, and attractive, and it will keep the attention on the fine features of your collection.

The first consideration might be the size and extent of your collection. For those with large collections, custom stands may not be the most affordable option, however it might still be worth considering investing in high-quality, custom bases specific to each individual specimen.

For the collector with a wide range of species, types, and locales, using the same style of base consistently throughout your collection can create a sense of cohesion.

Traditional stands can be found in many forms, styles, and sizes. Both easel stands and polished acrylic platforms are very affordable, and can be found in sizes suitable to display rock and mineral specimens of varying type, weight, and size. The same is true for three-pegged display stands, which are excellent for pieces which require positioning to show off their finest features. Your rock and mineral specimens can be placed to their greatest advantage, showcasing their optimal angle, while providing a visual effect which makes them appear to “float” off of the shelf.

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The creation of custom lucite displays may be something to consider when preparing to show off your high-quality pieces, as it allows even the most delicate, weighty, and unwieldy specimens to be displayed gracefully to their advantage. Because custom lucite display stands are formed to cradle each individual piece, they can be used to safely display rocks and minerals which might otherwise require careful handling or stabilization. And, though the creation of these stands does require a bit of an investment, they can be relied upon to last for the lifetime of your collection.

Overall, the manner and setting in which you choose to display rocks and minerals requires careful consideration – as it is an investment in the attractiveness and beauty of your collection. So, do your previous hard work some justice, by devoting a little time and attention to the method in which you will prepare your collection for viewing. You’ll find this will pay off over the years, by making it easier to maintain aesthetic consistency, and craft an eye-catching and memorable exhibition of your favorite specimens.

Not sure where to begin? Contact the experts at iRocks, for more information on how we can assist you in creating beautiful and memorable custom displays – or click here to search and view rocks and minerals currently for sale.