A Conversation with Fine Minerals

May 12, 2015

If you’ve ever looked in wonder at a shiny stone, you should see what collectors rave about. You’ll see why rock collecting has become both an investment and a status symbol worldwide.

Garrett Barmore, Rob Lavinsky, and Bryan Swoboda are all fine mineral experts
Garrett Barmore, Rob Lavinsky, and Bryan Swoboda interviewed by Brent Boynton of Reno’s KNPB, a PBS network.

In an interview on Reno’s KNPB, host Brent Boynton talks with a dealer of the rarest and finest minerals, a man who attends rock shows for a living, and the curator of a local museum featuring some to the earth’s finest specimens.

Watch the whole episode from watch.pbsreno.org.

Heading to Nevada soon? Visit the Keck Museum, part of the Mackay School of Mines Building.

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