The New Arkenstone Gallery

Jan 4, 2018

2017 brought a lot of changes to The Arkenstone. We added a new full-time employee (hi Tom Campbell!), purchased several new collections (have you explored the Kay Robertson selections?), but most significantly, we moved to our new headquarters featuring over 7,000 square feet of mineral display space and plenty of other new features for new enthusiasts and long-time mineral lovers.

Lobby Entrance

Lobby at The Arkenstone Gallery of Fine Minerals Large decorative pieces, important lapidary art (lapis), and amethyst are featured in the front lobby.
A pair of backlit Persian onyx slabs totaling 2,200 pounds and nearly 6,000 pounds of reclaimed 150-yr old Northeastern red oak timbers line the mine shaft "Portal" into the gallery.

The Collector Gallery

Display cases of fine minerals in the Wood Room
Fine minerals from around the world are for sale in the gallery.

Gem & Jewelry Salon

Our new Gem & Jewelry Salon is ready for visiting jewelers for events and trunk shows.

The Jewelry Salon connects natural crystals and the wearable art that results.
Paula Crevoshay displayed her impressive jewels at our Grand Opening

The Design Showroom

If you're looking for larger home or office accents, visit our Design Showroom.

The Museum Gallery

The Trophy Room

Sleek black pedestals display large museum-sized specimens.

Sleek black pedestals display top collector specimens.

The Book Store

Add to your library with our selection of literature, including rare and out-of-print volumes, periodical issues, DVDs, and more. Looking for something specific? E-mail us at

If you're in the Dallas area, send us an e-mail to schedule your private visit to