Amphibole Group (Var: Uralite)
Calumet Mine (Calumet; Calumet No. 2; Hecla; Hecla No. 2; Calumet Iron Mine; Calumet-Hecla-Smithville Magnetite Deposit; Patented Placer Claims: Calumet; Hecla-Williamson; Smithvil
Large Cabinet, 17.2 x 11.6 x 9.8 cm
Ex. Dr. Gary Hansen
This large cabinet specimen comes with a Gary Hansen label. It is a rich example of Colorado uralite, the name given pseudomorphs of hornblende group minerals, mainly actinolite, after a pyroxene group mineral. Here, you have blocky actinolite pseudomorphs after diopside crystals, richly covering the whole side of the specimen. The crystals measure to 1.5 cm. Hard to find on the market now!