Amphibole Group (Var: Uralite)
Calumet Mine (Calumet; Calumet No. 2; Hecla; Hecla No. 2; Calumet Iron Mine; Calumet-Hecla-Smithville Magnetite Deposit; Patented Placer Claims: Calumet; Hecla-Williamson; Smithvil
Small Cabinet, 5.6 x 5.0 x 3.3 cm
These specimens have been referred to as "Uralite" for many years, but this is not a valid species. It is defined as being a variety of the amphibole group. Calumet "Uralites" are most often pseudomorphs of an amphibole (Actinolite) after a pyroxene (Diopside / Augite). The crystals are typically not visible as they are found coated by Calcite, which is etched away with hydrochloric acid to expose the underlying "Uralite" crystals. They are true classics from this famous mine which is most well known for its impressive Epidote and Quartz association specimens. Ex. Jaime Bird Collection.