N'Chwaning Mines, Kalahari Fields, South Africa
Small Cabinet, 7.0 x 5.6 x 5.0 cm
This is a dramatic, pyramidal cluster of 3 intergrown crystals to 7 cm in height, leaning in upon one another to create what looks like a work of sculpture more than a minerals. Hand-down, one of my favorite pieces in this pocket, as reflected in the price admittedly. This piece has superb lemon yellow color, and combined with its translucency is almost ghostly in effect. It has a medium luster typical of this pocket but more lustrous than most of the species, and exemplifies the fat, tapered crystal form of this find. It is a world class example of a very rare species, bright yellow, and yet such things do not break the bank to own, even when at the top of their game, compared to tourmaline or aquamarine or even fluorite and calcite these days. I regard such exemplary rarities as this, therefore, as very special pieces, and good investments for the money into something truly unique and special. This may not be over 10k, in other words, but it is a MAJOR example of the species and would be a highlight, with unusual color and geometry that make it leap out, in any collection.