N'Chwaning Mines, Kalahari Fields, South Africa
Cabinet, 10.0 x 8.0 x 5.0 cm
This specimen is a robust and colorful piece featuring a 5 x 2 x 2 cm central crystal, 3-dimensional and shooting straight up out of the cluster like a rocket! That crystal is very lemon-yellow, translucent, and just plain od in the combination of form and symmetry. It is complete all around, and perfectly terminated, save only a slight natural contact spot to matrix on the right edge face. Other peripheral crystals are not all complete, but add to the overall color and serve to prop up the central crystal. One seldom sees such rich examples of this species. This is a very 3-dimensional piece which has a curving, thin matrix plate as its backbone, from which a cluster of ettringite straddles the center and floats out at the viewer. I think it is a miracle it came out intact. It is actually a floater, complete all around, and with small hematite and hausmannite crystals on the back, all nestled in soft rolling white Oyelite