Native Iron
Miniature, 4.9 x 2.9 x 1.5 cm
Disko Island, Kitaa (West Greenland) Province, Greenland
Ex. John S. White
Extremely rare mass of terrestrial native iron in rock; this is from remote Disko Island. It may not be pretty, but this is an important specimen for the species. Native iron is EXTREMELY RARE in igneous rocks, even though it forms the majority of the earth's core. This is from the Type Locality, remote Disko Island, Greenland and is richly speckled with bright, metallic native iron in basalt matrix. This is old, rare, and seldom seen. Most native iron is extra-terrestrial. This one, however, is from some of the oldest crustal elements humans will ever access, and is a rare find to make it into the hands of specimen collections. (TYPE LOCALITY for a major native element, which I find amazing!!!). The old David New label is overwritten by White's notes that the piece is very rich (even the photos here show you the reddish blebs visible in the matrix) .