Sterling Hill, Ogdensberg, Sussex County, New Jersey (TYPE LOCALITY)
Thumbnail, 1.3 x 0.7 x 0.5 cm
Ex. Richard Hauck
A very rich specimen of the extremely rare mineral species named after noted Franklin area collector Richard Hauck, consisting of a very RICH coating of dozens of eye-visible sub-mm microcrystals on contrasting matrix (all the pink stuff in the middle), with contrasting Pyrochroite (Black) in association. Almost seventy new mineral species have been described from the unique Franklin area, and this is one that remains unique to Sterling Hill, to my knowledge. It would be considered quite a good specimen! 1100 stope, 900 Level, Sterling Mine, Ogdensburg, Sussex County, New Jersey. Ex. Richard Hauck Collection to NJ collector James Zigras, and then exchanged to me. From Richard Gunter, an addition: The Hauckite sample from Sterling Hill that you have as USA-87 is part of a very rich mineral paragenesis with several other phases associated. Similar samples are part of Palache's Fluoborite suite with Mooreite associated. My sample is from C. Key bought in 1979 as Fluoborite-Mooreite with the Hauckite listed as "yellow, bladed unknown." There are several other phases on the sample that resemble Torreyite (white to light blue masses) and possible Lawsonbauerite (flexible bundles of fibers stained brown). Very small bright red crystals may be Zincite but I am not sure. There are also a couple of other phases that I have not been able to identify. Maybe someday.