Russell, Massachusetts, USA
Small Cabinet, 8.2 x 6.9 x 5.0 cm
A MAJOR specimen from this important, classic garnet locality on the East coast, with robust, 3-dimensional, golfball-like crystals in matrix of quartz and muscovite. The large crystal is 3.5 cm. Contacted on back, the piece is complete on the front. This is a dramatic display specimen of something very hard to come by. When I do see them, on the East Coast at shows, they are often accompanied by prices with an extra zero added on, to my more worldwide way of thinking about the market. But they are rare, and important additions to East Coast specialists, and so treasured. In the late 1800s, Daniel Clark and FS Johnson worked a pegmatite that produced these, but no precise locality was they are known as "Russell" garnets for a nearby town.