Acanthite Ps. Argentite
Imiter Mine, Atlas Mountains, Quarzazate Province, Morocco
Small Cabinet, 6.0 x 3.8 x 2.4 cm
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This specimen of octahedral, splendent, jet-black acanthite after argentite, has individual elongated octohedral crystals to 3.5 cm in length shooting from a central cluster. The overall effect is that of a Chinese pagoda, with most of the crystals on top of each other. This new find has luster - bright sparkling luster that is hard to convey in photos and quite another world from the appearance of previous finds here. It is nearly a complete floater with no visible point of attachment, with only a small rough area near the base; which as a bonus, is a vug at the lower right edge filled with a druse of cherry red proustite. Complete all around, elegantly vertical, this is a superb acanthite by any standard from any other locality.