Acanthite Ps. Argentite
Imiter Mine, Atlas Mountains, Quarzazate Province, Morocco
Small Cabinet, 8.3 x 5.2 x 3.4 cm
This is a larger version of the previous specimen and even more spectacular. This new find has luster - bright sparkling luster that is hard to convey in photos and quite another world from the appearance of previous finds here. It is a complete floater with no visible point of attachment. The acanthite after argentite crystals are octahedral in form, elegantly elongated to over 3 cm in length. They have splendent luster and a dark jet black color, with individual crystals reaching 3 cm in length. Most of the crystals have grown on top of each other and the overall appearance is that of a city of Chinese pagodas or even South African hausmannite specimens. Absolutely a world class example of acanthite, and frankly inexpensive compared to what similar-sized examples of the species in this relative quality level might cost from old Germany, classic old Mexican, and the new China finds (all in the multi-five-figure range) ! In person, I will guarantee this to be as mesmerizing as my hyperbole here claims.