Studtite With Fourmarierite on Uranophane And Uraninite
Shinkolobwe Mine, Katanga, Democratic Republic of Congo (Type Locality for Studtite and Fourmarierite )
Toenail, 2.8 x 2.2 x 2.5 cm
Although this is "just" a Small specimen of Uraninite it is well covered with Studtite sprays up to 3 mm on a bed of Uranophane with orange Fourmarierite. The contrast is amazing and helps to make this a significant, photogenic, Studtite specimen among the best youc an obtain. Fourmarierite is best known as red pseudo-hexagonal crystals but also as orange needles or "grains." On this specimen it is seen as this orange form which is much rarer but mostly overseen or taken for Curite and thus mislabeled if ever it wsa found in some collections. Shinkolobwe is the Type Locality for the Studtite and the Fourmarierite, a mine closed since decades. This superb combo specimen is a chance to own each, in beautiful mix, at one stroke. We think there are few such validated specimens of these rare species out there, of quality, let alone on the same specimen.