Curite And Kasolite on Metatorbernite
Shinkolobwe Mine, Katanga, Democratic Republic of Congo (TYPE LOCALITY )
Cabinet, 11.0 x 6.0 x 4.0 cm
Exceptional specimen of orange Curite and Kasolite with green Metatorbernite. The curite forms needles who are filling the spaces between and sits on the huge Metatorbernite crystals. It is associated with Kasolite in blocky crystals, unusually good also for this species. The matrix consists of massive Metatorbernite. This is an extraordinary fine piece of this not-often seen mineral. Truly unique for the size and beauty, I think. Shinkolobwe is the type locality for Curite and Kasolite both, making this a more significant specimen in science as well as just for the beauty. We have not seen a richer specimen of crystallized examples like this.