Chlorargyrite (Bromian-Rich) With Iodargyrite
Block 11, Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia
Cabinet, 11.0 x 7.0 x 4.5 cm
Ex. Eric Asselborn; Albert Chapman
Broken Hill is the world's premier locality for this rare "simple" silver halide, found here generally in the 1950s or prior. Once called "Embolite," they are now referred to more specifically as bromian Chlorargyrite (bromine or iodine rich silver chloride depending on the rati of Br to I). This large display-quality specimen is approx 4 x 3 inches and has SHARP crystals, dozens of sharp crystals, to 6 mm individually and in clusters to 1 cm. They have a pretty yellow-green color, the best I have seen for chlorargyrite that doesn't cross into iodargyrite. This color and luster is not ruined by exposure to sunlight as with some specimens. Small yellow crystals in the background are the rarer species, iodargyrite - and they provide a nice accent. This is a major piece that once resided in the private collection of Albert Chapman, Australia's most well-known collector. He donated or sold parts of the collection but kept til his passing the core suite of silver halides from Broken Hill which he had assembled over many years. This collection then passed on to a friend of his, who did the analytical work for Chapman and treasured them as well. This collection then sold intact in 2004 to Eric Asselborn, from whom I obtained the suite 2 years ago. While lesser examples of this mineral and its related species are available on the market, few cabinet specimens of any display quality are available, let alone with such pedigree and documentation. Note the analytical data