Miniature, 4.4 x 3.8 x 2.7 cm
Carolina Mine, Landsberg, Obermoschel, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
This is a very RARE matrix moschellandsbergite from a famous and important find in the mid-1800's (the species was only actually described some time later!). As with sexier minerals like phosphophyllite and legrandite, I buy every good mosch that I see come my way because they are so rare, and have not been equalled by any other find in so long. This specimen features razor-sharp elongated crystals to 1.2 cm, 3 of them cresting a knob of silver-rich ore matrix. It is complete all around and unlike most such specimens, not a bad display piece at all. The number of good matrix moschellandsbergites around is probably only a few dozen, with most in museums and prominent european collections already. This one was in the collection of French exploration geologist Jean Behier, before ending up in the personal rarities suite collection of dealer Lawrence Conklin. Year of Discovery: 1938 in material from this, the type locality. I am told there were two matrix specimens at Tucson, both over 10k, neither as good...