Wulfenite with Mimetite
Rowley Mine, Theba, Maricopa Co., Arizona, USA
Thumbnail, 2.7 x 1.4 x 1.3 cm
Ex. Alex Schauss
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Many people consider the combination of brilliant red wulfenite window panes with fiery red mimetite balls from the Rowley Mine in Arizona, to be one of the finest combinations of species in all collecting. Several pockets have been found over decades, but the BEST by far was from a small group of pockets found in 2018 by Keith Wentz. This specimen is a stunning example from the best pocket of the association, recognizable because the mimetites are so bright and wet-looking combined with intense color saturation. Alex Schauss was working with the mining team when it was found, and had purchased several specimens at the time they came out, some of them (including this) self-collected in 2018. This display sized thumbnail specimen features an unusual matrix plate, as most thumbnail examples are freestanding and fell off matrix. It holds two transparent Wulfenite crystals (1 to 1.2 cm across) surrounded by red-orange micro-crystals on baryte. This mine has produced small amounts of minerals intermittently for 100 years, but the area is subject to numerous regulations and is nearly impossible to mine anymore because of permitting and state compliance requirements. It was and remains essentially shut to further mining, certainly on any scale. Even in context of all that history, however, specimens of this saturation in combination had not been found before. Alex prized himself on these specimens and a small group of Rowley specimens was a treasured part of the collection.