Azurite and Malachite
Christiana Mine, Lavrion, Lavreotiki, Attica, Greece
Small Cabinet, 9.9 x 5.9 x 4.0 cm
Ex. Christos Spiromitros
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It is unusual, and highly desirable, to find large and discrete crystals of Azurites from Lavrion in distinct and textbook/tabular crystals more akin to those seen from Tsumeb or Morocco. This matrix piece hosts a prominent, protected and nearly pristine crystal that you would otherwise swear was of Moroccan origin for quality. This fine combination specimen features Azurites with excellent luster, sharp form, and deep color. They are doubly-terminated, with one end showing just a tiny bit of wear common for this relatively soft species, and the largest is 2.6 cm. There is some translucence, and the Azurites are associated with delicate and attractive Malachite tufts to 2 mm. Lavrion is famous for its wide variety of minerals, and this classic combination is a good, representative example. From a small find in 2017.