L'Etoile du Congo Mine, Lubumbashi, Haut-Katanga, DR Congo
Cabinet, 14.8 x 8.2 x 5.9 cm
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In the late 1990s, probably 1998-1999, Gilbert Gauthier brought out a shocking, fantastic pocket of what we considered at the time to be the world's best cornetite for obvious reason - it was beautiful! Gilbert was a French and English-speaking Belgian exploration geologist who used to help open uranium mines; the radiation only seemed to make him stronger and tougher in his old age (he said he slept over flats of uranium ores). He had incredible sources and access to the DR Congo in the 1980s-1990s, and had so many new finds, among them these specimens. They have a sparkle that is hard to convey, but much stronger in sunlight or LED than it is in room lighting or halogens. They are probably the most sparkly of all copper minerals, these particular specimens. Gilbert passed away, but his prepaid storage unit in Tucson lived on: and turned up for purchase some years ago. We were fortunate enough to get the unit, and obtain an old-is-new-again stash of material he had put in storage and never prepped. This is among the last of our fine specimens from that deal in this size and price range, dating back to around 2010; all of which had to go to the lab for trimming and cleaning. This quality has not been produced since the 1990s. It is a superb large display piece. Again, it requires LED or sunlight to show its best but if your case has LED, it will be among the most sparkly things in it.