Cligga Head, Perranporth, Perranzabuloe, Cornwall, England, UK
Small Cabinet, 8.5 x 7.1 x 4.8 cm
Ex. Tim Sherburn
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Although not from the type locality at Cornwall it is from a nearby locality and is an excellent specimen from the recent find of late 2006 here. Sharp, intensely colored, what some call "mountain-green", crystals are spread around ubiquitously in shallow depressions on the surface of the piece and in a few small vugs as 1 to 2.5 mm, bladed crystals in clusters and in isolation. The color is unmistakable and gorgeous! This is one of the better ones I have seen for sale in recent years from this surprising find. It is notable for the sharp separation and best reflective luster of the individualized crystals. This is from the collection of our friend and excellent collector, Tim Sherburn. He actually brought most of the available pieces for sale into the market in the USA, and kept this in his own collection at the time, until he passed away, as part of his prized English collection. The crystals and color saturation on this specimen seem measurably just a bit better than most others, which is why he kept it. The color contrast to matrix makes it displayable, as well.