Arfvedsonite on Orthoclase
Hurricane Mountain, North Conway, Carroll County, New Hampshire, USA
Miniature, 4.7 x 2.7 x 2.3 cm
Ex. Bart Cannon

A superb combination specimen from any USA locale for this rare species. This one is from the classic granite diggings on Hurricane Mountain in New Hampshire. A single, pristine, lustrous, prismatic, black Arfvedsonite crystal is very aesthetically set on several Orthoclase crystals. The dominating crystal is 2.7 cm in length, 1.6 cm wide with great luster and is striated parallel to its length. The base of the crystal is nestled right in the Orthoclase crystals. Several other subhedral Arfvedsonite crystals are intergrown with the Orthoclase. This is a great miniature combination specimen from ANY locality, but all the more so from a USA origin - with not much new material coming out in the last decade.