Datolite with Copper inclusions
Ridge Mine, Mass City, Ontonagon Co., Michigan, USA
Thumbnail, 2.6 x 2.1 x 0.7 cm
Ex. Tom Rosemeyer; James (Jim) Houran

An important American collector oddity, this is a porcelain-like nodule of datolite with a polished face showing a white rim and dark pink core with a ring of discrete , minute copper crystals surrounding a reddish copper-included center. It was collected by Ed Halley in June 2010 and sold to local collector Tom Rosemeyere at that time. Later sold into the USA gems suite of the Houran collection (cut gems and polished examples of rare USA finds). From Jim Houran to me, as the previous owner: "This specimen is arguably the finest TN example of this popular but rarer datolite variety. Museum-class piece with unmatched aesthetics. It should retail for $3,000 plus." It is illustrated in Mineralogical Record Supplement – Mineral Collections in the American Midwest II (2015, p. 202). This is ungodly rare in this quality, and the subtleties of the inclusions make it stand out from others. Comes with labels, email with the above quote, etc.