Inder, Atyrau Region, Kazakhstan
Thumbnail, 2.0 x 1.6 x 0.6 cm
Ex. J. Rukin Jelks; Dr. Alex Schauss
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This 1.2 x 2.0 x 0.6 cm lustrous and transparent, terminated sulfate xtl is an important crystal for this extremely rare species, well known for the stunning sharpness and transparency - these are normally earthy and opaque. From old finds at this classic locale along Lake Inder, Kazakhstan, few crystals are even seen for sale today. This competition-level thumbnail is of the highest caliber. It is from the previous generation thumbnail collection of J. Rukin Jelks (1927-2014) and was later sold by Gene Schlepp (Western Minerals, Tucson, Arizona) on November 13, 2014, a friend of J. Rukin Jelks. Photo by Jeff Scovil. Featured in the book, Refined Elegance (Mineralogical Record, Nov. 2022) on page 67.