Strickland Quarry, Collins Hill, Middlesex County, Connecticut, USA
Miniature, 3.1 x 2.5 x 1.7 cm
Ex. Irv Brown
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Lustrous, parallel growth highlights this matrix cluster of black columbite, in crystals to 1.5 cm in length. It is a choice miniature columbite specimen if it were from anywhere, but the USA origin carries particular significance! This mineral group was first found in Haddam, Connecticut, in the United States, according to Wikipedia. Today, this would be classified as Columbite-Fe as opposed to the tantalum end member, but at the time they only knew this was rare, important, and economically valuable for the rich mix of elements within. We found a fascinating article on how a few of the famous old pegmatite quarries in Connecticut achieved world fame as rich sources of these species, as well as for the first scientific studies about the origin of pegmatite formation. Therefore, most specimens of this species from the east coast were either destroyed for industry , or preserved in museums until today. Few come to market. A fascinating article can be found here: " Several minerals, including columbite, which in the 1600s became the first new mineral discovered in the United States, were discovered in Connecticut pegmatite rocks," according to this article.