Rosia Poieni Mine, Musca, Alba Co., Romania
Thumbnail, 2.4 x 2.1 x 1.4 cm
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A transparent, glassy and gemmy evergreen-tree-green crystal of vivianite, to 2 cm in length, is superbly emplaced on matrix. This is just a perfectly balanced specimen, with the right size crystal and a bit of matrix to still make it a full thumbnail size. When we say this is transparent, we literally mean it is limpid, completely see-through like green glass. This material from 2017-ish finds in Romania seems to have, for my taste, the best combination of color, luster, and gemminess I have ever seen in this species from any location. While we saw many larger specimens come out, this mesmerizing thumbnail seems a rarity. It is such a startlingly different specimen in terms of color, that it would be an important piece in any competitive thumbnail collection that already has all the common stuff. This is so beautiful, so sparkly, so intensely colored, it can hold its own among tourmalines. We have never ever felt this way about a vivianite in thumbnail size before, as most of them are simply representative crystals, not stunning in their own right as this is.