Raura Dist., Cajatambo Prov., Lima, Peru
Small Cabinet, 8.2 x 7.7 x 6.4 cm
Ex. Matt McGill

A Peruvian rarity and something seldom seen on matrix, this is a very rare example of stibnite from the Americas where for some reason, large stibnite is more rare than in Asia! The Stibnite crystals are from 1 to 3 cm around the periphery and the large crystals that make up much of both sprays are up to 6 cm in length! The luster is strange - a silky metallic luster from base to tip. The crystal sprays are just slightly intergrown for the perfect aesthetic effect and composition. For ultimate balance and presentation, the Stibnite sprays are dramatically set on a perfectly proportioned plate of off-white contrasting matrix! This is a sturdy piece for handling, although we do not want to mail it and it should only be purchased if we can arrange hand-delivery in the USA or perhaps Europe at a later time. It is simply one of the best we've seen from here, or know about, from a Peruvian or American locality. Ex. Richard Jackson collection to Matt McGill Collection. This comes with a custom display base.