Volborthite and Azurite on Malachite
Milpillas mine, Cuitaca, Santa Cruz Mun., Sonora, Mexico
Miniature, 4.3 x 3.8 x 3.4 cm
Ex. Marshall Sussman
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The best of species of this rare copper mineral, volborthite, came from one single pocket nicknamed "the malachite pocket" because of the combination of species shown here, this one also with the bonus of sparkling blue azurite accenting the base of the volborthite. The volborthite crystals here stand proudly vertical, with stunning luster and very nice size (to 3 cm).These simply have the best luster. Sharp vertical separation on green carpet of malachite adds a stunning contrast, and the piece overall is one of the more dramatic miniatures you will see. It is from the Milpillas miniatures suite of the Marshall Sussman collection, assembled 2010-2020 as he handled a large percentage of the flow of Milpillas mineral specimens, particularly the more expensive and valuable rarities. He was willing to take financial risks and buy them at premiums to the miners who knew they had something new and special, when others waited to see if more would come. IN this case, he judged rightly and got many of the best of them, from which they flowed to other dealers and collectors. This was a choice miniature kept in his collection for many years.