Boulder Opal
Quilpie, Queensland, Australia
Cabinet, 10.2 x 9.2 x 7.8 cm
Ex. Alessandro Pelligrini
$4,000.00 Payment Plan Available
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Australian opal is world renowned for its quality and color variation and this piece is no exception! It shows how opal forms, plus makes a nice display specimen worthy of inclusion into a fine minerals collection. There is a thick band of variegated blue, green, purple and cream that runs through display front of this cabinet specimen. This is a vintage specimen of "precious opal" from this locality in matrix. The color play of peacock blues, greens, purple and a little red along with the cream color is absolutely spectacular against the rich brown matrix. The piece is sawed at the bottom to improve displayability so it sits flat. From a famous, well known gem crystal collection of an Italian collector, sold off quietly a few years ago. While we value these based on both cost and beauty as collectors, the market does admittedly value such samples by mass & weight and so we will give the weight here just out of formality: 666 grams or about 1.5 pounds (although I vehemently disagree with this approach!!!!!).