Mibladen mining district, Midelt Province, Draa-Tafilalet Region, Morocco
Miniature, 6.1 x 5.4 x 2.6 cm
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These are fantastic crystals of Vanadinite that are actually gemmy orange at the centers and red at the ends, combined with wonderful skeletal and geometric growth patterns. What adds to their beauty, in addition to their color, is their super sharp hexagonal crystal form and their translucency at edges. There are at least a dozen large crystals here with the largest measuring 2.2 cm across the termination; and 1.5 cm thick. They are nicely clustered and with several displaying skeletal growth on the prism faces in the areas where the orange-red color is present and these areas also display an almost translucent, "cats-eye" effect looking into these faces. Great skeletal crystals like this are a desirable characteristic for these Morocco Vanadinites as most pieces from here do not exhibit this feature (maybe 1 in 1000). These complex crystals are outstanding. There is only a very tiny bit of edge damage at the periphery and no damage to the three-dimensional core. The orange-red and red colors are quite intense, and the luster is somewhere between sub-adamantine to satiny. This crystals are very sharp and the visuals very good and there is a touch of tan matrix peaking out in one area that has an aesthetic bonus of 2 to 3 mm Vanadinite crystals! This is from a 2018 pocket.