Small Cabinet, 6.2 x 5.1 x 3.2 cm
Mengding Mine, Gengma Dai & Va Autonomous areas, Lingcang, Yunnan Province, China
Chalcophyllite is an uncommon, hydrated copper, aluminum, sulfate arsenate and in the past, the only really great specimens for collectors have come from Cornwall and a few other small finds in history until now, with a surprise from China! A vuggy gray to white mottled Quartz matrix is chocked full of highly lustrous, green-blue crystals of Chalcophyllite, to 5 mm across. The crystals occur as intergrown, thin, hexagonal plates, intergrown aggregates and double-ended divergent sheaves. The piece looks great in hand specimen and even better under the loupe or microscope! The crystals have fabulous luster. This is from a single pocket find in a VERY rural, remote, old area of China. We found a few of them for sale at two China shows in the past, and then no more. AMAZING locality material for this species! So far as I know, this is one of the two best larger specimens. A shocking and unexpected find, for this rare copper mineral.
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