Small Cabinet, 8.0 x 7.1 x 3.9 cm
Wood's Chrome Mine, Texas, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania, USA
Ex. Chester Lemanski

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Tiny botryoids and smatterings of almost forest-green Zaratite cover much of the display surface of this piece from the Wood's Chrome Mine in Pennsylvania. Zaratite is a rare nickel carbonate hydrate found as a secondary alteration product of ores containing nickel. This is a rich locality example of this rare species with bright green, micro-botryoids coating the main fracture surface along with other surfaces on the piece of chromite ore. The Wood's Chrome Mine is a historically significant U.S. locality and was operated from 1828 to 1881 and produced not only the best U.S. Brucite specimens, but also the best U.S. specimens of Zaratite.

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