Chrysoberyl (twinned)
Espirito Santo, Brazil
Miniature, 3.2 x 3.0 x 2.5 cm
Ex. Bruno and Rolando Gioia

This robust Chrysoberyl twin is a classic of old Brazil and consists of a single, large, one-inch twinned crystal with several smaller crystals making up the near sixling twin on either side. The twin components radiate from a dark, lustrous, central area as is typical of these Chrysoberyl twins. This attractive, yellow-green, complex twin is both translucent and transparent with a few, small gemmy areas. Espirito Santo state has produced the finest of these celebrated "sixling" Chrysoberyl twins and this is an excellent example. This miniature has an intense green-yellow color typical of the species and this locality. It nicely represents old material mined prior to the 1950s, in one of the most famous of old Brazilian gem finds. The faces on the display front and sides are fully crystallized with contacting only on the bottom and back of the piece. This great, very aesthetic twin has a mass of 37.4 grams.