Parisite-(Ce) with Quartz
Mount Malosa, Zomba, Southern Region, Malawi
Small Cabinet, 5.6 x 4.9 x 4.3 cm
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These are really good Parisite-(Ce) crystals for the species, and the association with Quartz crystals produces a rather balanced small cabinet specimen. Parisite-(Ce) is a calcium-cerium phosphate with fluorine. The largest Quartz crystal measures 5.5 cm in length and is terminated. The largest Parisite-(Ce) crystal measures 4 cm in length and the other two are both 2.5 cm. The 4 cm-tall, conspicuously tapered and terminated Parisite-(Ce) crystal protrudes from a stubby, etched and unterminated Quartz crystal at the base and appears to be almost growing in parallel with a transparent, faintly smoky terminated Quartz crystal also emanating from the same stubby Quartz crystal. The other two Parisite-(Ce) crystals are juxtaposed at the base of the terminated Quartz crystal. One of this secondary pair of Parisite-(Ce) crystals is terminated, the other is not.