Viitaniemiite with Lepidolite
Paprok, Kamdesh District, Nuristan, Afghanistan
Small Cabinet, 7.5 x 4.2 x 3.0 cm
Ex. Thomas Campbell
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A surprising and interesting Viitaniemiite combination specimen from the Paprok pegmatite locality in Afghanistan. Viitaniemiite is an incredibly rare sodium-calcium-manganese-aluminum phosphate and this specimen is very rich, featuring clusters of wedge-point prismatic crystals of off-white Viitaniemiite ranging from a few millimeters up to 2.0 cm! There must be two dozen crystals displayed across the central portion of this specimen. The Viitaniemiite crystals are surrounded by, and growing from, mounded aggregates of lavender Lepidolite. A phenomenal specimen of this super rare pegmatite phosphate species. Very few, beyond thumbnail size, are ever seen for sale. This fascinating and important pegmatite rarity was long in the collection of Dr. Tom Campbell, our staff mineralogist specializing in pegmatites (and an editor of the upcoming book, Mineral Collections of Brazil).