Capelinha, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Cabinet, 10.1 x 5.9 x 2.1 cm
Ex. Dr. Eugene Meieran
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This is a HUGE, doubly terminated, twinned, lustrous, translucent, greenish-yellow crystal is from one of the most significant localities for Titanite. The occurrence at Capelinha, Brazil has consistently produced great specimens of this mineral over the last several decades and this piece is no exception. It measures four full inches from tip to tip and two types are twinning are evident which is rare in a single Titanite crystal! There is a very well-developed twin plane running down the length of the crystal with the twin components being very distinct and the other twin is parallel to the broad faces at the front and back of the crystal. It also displays a wonderful dark, lime green color with very obvious gem areas internally and the exterior exhibits a lovely sheen to it to adding to its character. There is faint, patchy iron staining locally and there is no contacting...only a sliver of Titanite-rich schist on the backside that was the point of attachment. Mounted vertically, with light coming from behind, this is a significant display sized and quality specimen. From the collection of Gene Meieran.