La Sal Mining District, La Sal Mountains, Grand Co., Utah, USA
Small Cabinet, 6.4 x 5.4 x 3.5 cm

Utah is known for copper mining to be sure, but few enough mineral specimens come out. There are a lot of mediocre Azurites out there from La Sal, Utah and this is NOT one of them! What a great small cabinet Azurite with a commanding presence! The piece is composed of a mosaic of countless 2 to 3mm Azurites back to front that sparkle from light coming in from any direction. The front of the piece consists of at least 85 percent Azurite with a moderate amount of blocky, crudely formed, small Malachite crystals and a bit of Limonite matrix peaking through in places at the base. The substrate for the piece is, at least in part, mounded to botryoidal Limonite, and it should be noted that the overall shape of the Azurite cluster looks "hexagonal" and might be one large Azurite that was subsequently encrusted with smaller Azurite crystals. No damage to the Azurites on the front or the sides with only minor contacting on the back. A great piece! One of the better examples in this size range for luster and color, crystal size, and overall aesthetics.

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