Sakavalana mine, Ambatovita, Ambatofinandrahana, Madagascar
Thumbnail, 2.3 x 2.0 x 0.7 cm
Ex. James (Jim) Houran; Stretch Young

One of the sharpest, most balanced, perfect Pezzottaite crystals in this size that I recall seeing (approx. 7 grams). This came from the original 2003 pocket and then was long in the collection of Stretch Young, before finally being extracted in a long trade process by Jim Houran for his collection of "floater geometric shapes and XLs" he built up. It is textbook, and unusually equant. It has good luster for this material compared to most (still weaker than other beryls, but it is what it is), and it has a very high level of translucence - most such crystals were opaque. This needs no backlighting to look translucent, and therefore shows fabulously in competition in Tucson, or in a case at a home. Also, it has a very good, saturated "raspberry red" color. This is, to my eye (and to the others before me) one of the finer thumbnail examples of this rare gem species. After 2003, only a small amount came out, and nothing has been found here in a decade now. Ex Stretch Young and Jim Houran collections. A complete Floater, 360 degrees !

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