Befisiotra Mine, Tsitondroina, Ikalamavony, Haute Matsiatra, Madagascar
Cabinet, 10.4 x 4.7 x 3.3 cm

Madagascar is the "king" for producing this rare variety of tourmaline species. This is a special piece, even by standards of those who have seen many: First off, the color is just a remarkable purple-magenta hue. Secondly, it's a complex, composite crystal like we've never seen from Madagascar or anywhere, with an interesting artistic shape to it! Purple coloring in Tourmaline is rare, and if compared side-by-side you can see that this is not like the cranberry color of Malkhan or Jonas mines - rather, this piece has a very distinct purple color. This complex crystal grew over two phases. The initial phase of crystallization of larger crystals was succeeded by another stage of Liddicoatite growth consisting of a coarse, 2 to 4mm, sparkling druse of similarly colored crystals, but in total random orientation atop the first layer. It looks biological more than mineral! An understatedly exquisite and unique piece! From 2018-2019 mining by the company of Dr. Federico Pezzotta, whose groups mine much of the most interesting mineral specimens from this country.

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